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Waters Edge $35

Flat ride, great for beginners and children, takes you along the east side of Silver Lake and follows the Henry's Fork River back to the barn. Riders often see moose and waterfowl along the ride. (1 Hour)

Park Line Meadow $35

Takes you through the moose ponds, across the Silver Lake bridge, into the timber and back along Silver Lake. A couple of gentle loopy-loos. This ride is a little longer than Waters Edge ride and is good for small kids. (1+ Hour)


Silver Lake $55

Flat Ride that takes you all the way around Silver Lake and along the Henry's Fork river. This is a great ride after rain or early in the spring. This ride includes a lakeside break halfway through the ride. (2 Hours)


Golden Lake $55

Beautiful ride to the upper lake on the park. Golden Lake is the where the adolescent swans spend the summer and 20 or more are usually seen on the ride. We take a break at the lake and enjoy the scenery. This is a good ride for beginners. (2 Hour)


Moonshine Ridge $55

This is our most popular ride and a favorite of our regular guests. You will go through the moose ponds to the head of Silver Lake, then a flat ride through the pines to Park Line Meadow and the base of Moonshine Ridge. From there we switch back on a well maintained trail about 1,000 feet out of the bottom of the caldera and onto the rim. We stop on top and enjoy the view of Island Park from above. A great place to beat the heat and get some great views. (2+ Hours)


Thurman Ridge $75

This ride goes up on the Thurman Ridge, the very edge of the Island Park caldera, it often has water crossings depending on which route is taken. There are two ways to venture on the round trip back, one is a fairly moderate 2 track, the other is for only the adventurous as it is a very steep and often only follows the elk trails. You will get to really see our horses capabilities as you whistle the man from snowy river toon. (3 Hours)


Hard Ace  $95

We won't know what this ride is 'til we return. We're going to leave and get back some time. We might take a lunch and we might even eat it, we don’t know where we’re going but we’ll tell you when we get there, tailored for an adventurous spirit. (4 Hours)


Historic Wagon Ride $20

Great for all ages including grandparents and babies/toddlers. Takes you through the historic section of the park and either along the river or up to Golden Lake. The wagons are covered so we're good to go rain or shine. Under 6 is free, but we do need a group of at least 5 to hook up the team. (1 Hour)


Big Group $800

This is our Family and Friends Discount package deal. This gets the group all the horses and wranglers for half the day. For $100 more you can add the wagon.  This works great for large groups even if they all ride at different levels. Call for specific pricing 208.558.RIDE. (3.5 Hours)

We're the premiere option for large family rides, young men and young women groups, college student activities, and any other group up to 60 people. 

*All rides are for ages 6+ years old, but we do offer kiddie rides for under 6.